Specialised in regulated sectors

We are leaders and pioneers of lobby activity in Spain.

Cariotipo’s profile as a family business directly influences its culture, helping it, in particular, to establish long term relations with different agents.

Requirements to comply with codes of conduct have provided us with an extensive knowledge of compliance policies.




Our engagement with civil society…

We have an open-ended partnership with Transparency International and we participate in various areas in the following organisations:

and various social projects.

We have agreements with various universities to assist recent graduates to find employment.

In addition, we collaborate with the Fundación Luchadores AVA, which gives a voice and assistance to people affected by neurological problems and their families. Cariotipo provides them with communication services.

Our experience in the health sector, and our great preoccupation with ageing, also leads us to cooperate with the Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Poor, dedicated to looking after the elderly on five continents.

Our mission

Transparent political decision making, based on scientific evidence and with active Civil Society participation.

Our vision

To be a consultancy of reference in the domain of public affairs, through our excellence in creating value through lobbying and communication strategies focused on achieving tangible objectives.