Lobbyists make me understand a problem in ten minutes, while it takes my staff three days

John F. Kennedy


Lobbying for quality decision making

In Cariotipo we design strategic plans adapted to each client’s needs. New technologies and social trends entail a constant challenge for legislators, regulators and decision makers in general. In most cases, new products and services arrive on the market before any regulatory framework exists, or if one does exist, it is unsuited to the new reality. Hence, companies and entities that operate in regulated markets have a person responsible for institutional relations, who represents the interests of the organisation before political decision makers and gathers relevant information to devise the corporate strategy.



We have an in-depth knowledge of the decision making process in Spain, both in the national and regional domains, that helps us to design public awareness strategies in complex environments.



Cariotipo’s methodology is based on creating alliances, influencing political actions from civil society, through the critical use of grassroots campaigns.


Transparency International

Cariotipo has works actively to professionalise lobby activity in Spain.

What lobbying services do we offer?

Monitoring and

Analysis and reports

Creating alliances and platforms

governments into action

Amending legislation

Creating understanding

Raising political

Identificación y
estudio de
agentes clave

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Value file

Price and refund strategy

Access to market

Negotiation workshop

Partnership the key to success

Cariotipo’s efforts are supplemented by our partnerships with leading experts from our extensive network, which we have been developing since the company was started.

Over two decades of experience has positioned us as a point of reference and guaranteed source of reliable information for political decision makers.