The most useful science is that which is easiest to communicate.


Leonardo Da Vinci

Communication that inspires and persuades

The reputation and public image of companies increasingly depends on their communication. In Cariotipo we think about communication strategically. We bring together innovation and creativity, and apply them to each of our project objectives. Our team’s in-depth understanding of various regulated sectors, in addition to their ability to adapt to constant change, allows us to offer strategic advice and implement customised projects with high added value, including product communication, of enormous relevance to our clients.



For our clients to grow as companies, and to grow their products, our goal is to develop a value story for them that communicates their immediate objectives and boosts their long-term reputation.


Global reach

Great communication management can only be achieved from a global perspective (online, offline, external and internal). Moreover, our multi-disciplinary team brings intelligence and rigour to every challenge we face, whether national, regional or local. For projects spanning various countries, we can count on a network of international partners ready to serve our clients.



We believe that with constantly changing markets and trends the ability of companies to adapt is key. In Cariotipo, we now have at our disposal a range of digital options and tools (online monitoring, social network management and online reputation) that help us to design the correct strategy.

What communication services do we offer?

Corporate and institutional communication

Online and offline reputation plans


Digital strategy
and social networks


Public awareness



Design and implementation of press releases & public media

Technology as the spearhead

By deploying the latest technology, we develop more precise and effective strategies to execute action plans in both traditional and digital media channels.