Established in 1997, Cariotipo is pioneer and leader in lobbying in Spain. As a family business, our company culture is defined by the pursual of long term relationships with our stakeholders.

We design tailor made strategies based on research, analysis, comparative policies and our clients´ needs.

We enforce the fulfillment of deontological codes and have a deep understanding of compliance policies.

We cooperate diligently with Transparency International and participate in the following organizations: Asociación de la Prensa de Madrid; Asociación Nacional de Informadores Sanitarios (ANIS); Asociación de Profesionales de las Relaciones Institucionales (APRI); Círculo de Empresarios and Asociación Territorial Madrileña de Empresas Familiares (ADEFAM).

We maintain agreements with several universities in order to facilitate graduate access to the labour market.

Furthermore, we collaborate with local NGO´s, especially those dedicated to assisting disadvantaged children and the elderly.

Our mission is to accompany our clients in their interactions with the Administration, Media and other stakeholders in order to reach their goals in an integral, strategic and transparent way.

Our vision is the professionalisation and normalisation of lobbying in Spain, where it is understood as a pivotal element guaranteeing quality decision making in Democracy, and the consolidation of mass media as trustworthy source of information.