We are committed to the professionalisation of lobbying in Spain, convinced that transparency is the best way to standardise an activity that contributes to the health of democracy in the world’s most advanced countries, and has provided abundant proof of its usefulness.

Consistent with this position, we maintain a strong working relationship with Transparency International.

We consider communication to be a strategic instrument that contributes to achieving results. New technologies are an essential part of effective communication. The image reflected by the media and social networks leaves its mark on the identity of an organisation, and determines the success of its projects.

Our vast experience in heavily regulated sectors has enabled us to face challenges and resolve difficult situations with rigour and imagination. Our clients’ strict requirements in meeting ethical codes have provided us with a broad understanding of compliance policies, which we observe rigorously.

True to our principles of active cooperation in civil society, we participate on different levels with the following organisations: Asociación de la Prensa de Madrid (the Press Association of Madrid); Asociación Nacional de Informadores Sanitarios (ANIS, the National Association of Health Informers); Asociación de Profesionales de las Relaciones Institucionales (APRI, the Association of Institutional Relations Professionals); Círculo de Empresarios (the Business Owners’ Association) and the Asociación Territorial Madrileña de Empresas Familiares (ADEFAM, the Madrid Association of Family Businesses).

The Cariotipo team is made up of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience. We stand for continuous training and have agreements with several universities in order to help recent graduates enter the jobs market.

We are committed to protecting the environment. We minimise the use of paper, recycle the waste we generate and efficiently manage power consumption. We cooperate with NGOs in our immediate surroundings, especially with those that provide aid to disadvantaged elderly and children.