Lobbying is the strategic capacity of a company to integrate policy management, economic and legal management, and social management.

At Cariotipo we understand lobbying as a fundamental tool for achieving the objectives set by companies and institutions.

In a diverse and complex scenario like the Spanish regional model, companies are increasingly conscious of the impact that the different laws, standards and government regulations have on their objectives. These are the services that Cariotipo offers its customers:

    • Devising competence maps
    • Monitoring political activities at the national and regional level
    • Report writing and political and economic analysis
    • Preparing value messages and selling points
    • Permanent consultancy based on our strategic ability to integrate political, economic, legal and social management
    • Counselling in legislative initiatives
    • Designing strategies to approach decision makers
    • Organising forums, seminars and workshops

Health sector:

    • Counselling for pricing-reimbursement negotiations
    • Counselling for positioning in the Profarma Plan