In today’s highly interconnected societies, communication has become an essential strategic tool for companies. The ability to make proper use of it increasingly conditions company reputation. And that’s not all. Good communication management not only affects the public image of the company, but also has an impact on its results.

At Cariotipo we are experts in designing communication strategies, reinforcing the actions already developed by companies to derive full benefit from their efforts.

  • Services:
    • Crisis Management
    • Press Office
      • Press packs and corporate dossiers
      • Press conferences
      • Op-ed and interview management
      • Production of video press releases
      • Training seminars for journalists
      • Question and answer
      • Boiler plate
      • Press releases
      • Monitoring print and audio-visual media
    • Public relations and event organisation
    • Internal communications
    • Spokesperson training
    • Perception studies
    • Social networks
  • Crisis Management

 At Cariotipo MH5 Communication Consultants, we have extensive experience in crisis management, putting us in a position to respond quickly and adapt to diverse situations.

A crisis management plan that will allow you to quickly solve any sort of emergency situation is already a must-have, as we work in an environment where information, especially of the negative kind, is spread at extraordinary speed through the Internet and social networks, anticipating and often conditioning the reaction of both the digital and conventional media.

In order to neutralise, or at least minimise, the impact of a crisis on company reputation, Cariotipo carries out preliminary risk identification studies, including the fields of the mass media, and prepares the action protocols which must be activated in each case, even determining in which cases a plan must be implemented in advance.

Clarity, transparency and consistent statements are crucial to gaining control over a crisis and building trust, because a crisis can either weaken a company or strengthen it: it all depends on how it is managed.

  • Press Office

 We have a wealth of experience in this field. The Press Office represents the point of contact between the company and the media, and thereby with public opinion.

Cariotipo has broad, proven experience in the following Press Office functions: profound understanding of both the regional and the national media; detection of relevant facts which may arouse media interest; assessment and selection of the most appropriate media channel and format to reap the greatest information-related benefits.

The services offered by Cariotipo include the design and production of materials (press packs and corporate dossiers, question and answer, boiler plate, press releases, etc.) and monitoring print and audio-visual media.

Other services we offer are sending out and monitoring press releases; organising press conferences and informative meetings; and managing interviews, articles and op-eds.

  • Public Relations and Event Organisation

 Synergies with other institutions, whether public or private, are an indispensable part of a company’s external activity. Designing innovative projects and organising events are areas where Cariotipo has accumulated considerable success over the years.

Since it was founded, Cariotipo has had its own Event Organisation Department, responsible for the design and development of diverse corporate activities and awareness campaigns.

We also manage media exploitation so that information reaches the right audiences, by working out the logistics, protocol and content down to the last detail.

In this context, we stand out in organising and conducting training seminars, anniversaries, inaugurations and awards, combining the interests, priorities and objectives of the different partners involved.

  • Perception studies

 Designing a successful strategy involves understanding the way an organisation is perceived by its target audience. On the other hand, these studies can be used to evaluate the work carried out over a period of time and comparing the results

At Cariotipo we coordinate and offer advice on the design of surveys for studies, defining the target population sample. Once the study is completed, we analyse the results and draw conclusions, which allow us to reaffirm or adapt the strategy and design new actions consistent with the needs detected.

  • Spokesperson Training

 At Cariotipo we have extensive experience in training company spokespersons in order to address different situations, including a possible crisis.

The objectives of this training include:

  • Clarity before the audio-visual media
  • How to act in crisis situations
  • Denials and corrections
  • Internal Communications

 In large companies, it is essential to keep workers belonging to different departments committed to corporate objectives.

Internal communications are a very efficient tool for conveying the challenges arising from the environment, the activities conducted by the company, and sharing the relevant decisions taken by management.

This is another line of work offered by Cariotipo to its clients.

  • Social Networks

 Social networks are increasingly present in the daily life of society, hence the need to integrate them into corporate communications strategy. The shift in the way we communicate, together with the two-way communications provided by social network platforms, means we need to analyse which policies are the best match for the features of each organisation.

At Cariotipo MH5 we study the needs of each client in this area, select the social networks that best suit its business model, and design the most appropriate strategy in line with the established objectives.